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Quasar Rat v1.4.1 Download 2024 [ FUD Cracked ]

It is an advanced type and very lightweight remote administration software that is basically coded in C#. It is highly used from user support through administrative work to employee monitoring. This useful program provides you with stability and a very straightforward user interface. 

In this program, you can get the support of a TCP network stream that can work with fast network serialization and protocol buffers. There is also UPnP support in it, and the automatic port forwarding can help you to find any kind of data. I freely provide you Quasar Rat v1.4.1 Download Link & Tutorial below.

quasar rat crack

This program is publicly available, it is also known as an open-source RAT for Microsoft Windows operating systems that are basically written in the C# language and also a programming language. You can use it for a legitimate purpose in an organization, and through it, you can get access to a helpdesk technician or an employee's laptop. 

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The cybersecurity agency is aware of APT threats that are using this program for cybercrime and cyber espionage campaigns. It can use a client-server architecture that allows you to remotely access many clients. The main server of this tool is responsible for creating client binaries and managing client connections. 

About Quasar Rat v1.4.1 Software

This full software allows you to represent the name of the client instance. In this program, you can display the value in the connection table of the Quasar server. You are also able to set the file mutual exclusion object to prevent the same host from being infected multiple times. 

It allows the users to set the server IP for the client connection in a few minutes. They can also set the domain for the client connection with just one click. through it, it is very easy to set the transmission controls protocols port in this program. Many peoples want to know is quasar rat safe, yes it is a fully secure program. 

By using this impressive application, you can set the password for advanced encryption standard encryption. And with its help, you are also able to set how often the users can attempt to call back in the way of not being connected. 

It gives the opportunity to users to directly set the default for clients and they can also install it on hosting sites. It provides you with the location where the target file can be installed on a hosting site. This process is almost very limited to the options listed. In this process, the starred items require administrator privileges for approval.

The settings of the program allow the users to make a customizable subdirectory within the base installation path in a few minutes. It can also automatically set the name of the user's file which can be .exe. By using it, you will get the customizable free text field that can help you to create fake text messages in a single click.

In this effective tool, the users will find a checkbox that can check and add the quasar users as an autorun by using its registry key or scheduled task. It gives you the facility to simply set metadata that can be embedded in the executables, like the author, organization, copyright, year, version, and many more. 

Quasar Rat

These kinds of rats are basically instances built by the server components. This tool is basically based on multiple client builds, it has different configurations. You are able to distribute it to a target host, and there is no need to be executed before it can call back to the server. 

With its help, you can run it on a target host, and the client process of this program can be visible to the target host clients, and through windows task manager you can manage a similar process management program. 

Through this program, you can gather host system information. With the help of client connection setup, you can attempt to discover its geolocation including its wide area network. 

It has the ability to redirect the client to access websites. It can also be set as visible to the host client by using a  browser window that can open or be invisible to the host consumer with the C# web request. 

What Is Quasar Rat v1.4.1 Software Crack? It is such an impressive tool that is written in.NEt and that has the ability to be used by a variety of attackers. It is fully functional and open source and it can often be packed to make the analysis of the source more harder. 

It is assumed as a free, open-source remote administration program for the Windows operating system. It is also malware that has the ability to attack and is used to gain full administration privileges and full control of a victim's PC.  

This kind of program can apparently valid user-requested packages there are added to the video games or you are able to dispatch it to their target as an e-mail attachment through a phishing email.    

It is basically designed to conceal itself as legitimate content because a program can present a backdoor and enables administrative management. With the help of this program, you can monitor a person's behavior consisting of keystrokes, by using its keyloggers and spyware. 

Through its help, you can also get admission to confidential facts. together with credit scorecards and social safety numbers. In this tool, there is added the task manager that can help you to manage your tasks in a very pleasant way, in this way, you can manage your all files and data with just one click. There are many quasar rat alternative available in the market.

By using this effective software you will get the facility of Multi-Threaded, which can help you to detect any kind of malware which is not profitable for your PC. You will also get the TCP network stream, which allows you to stream your data in a few minutes. 

It has a great feature named fast network serialization that is compatible with encrypting data. This useful software can carry all the features that can be expected from a RAT. 

The best part of this program is that many peoples want the latest version of this program, you can find it on the release page. These versions of this tool come with advanced features, and there are find many improvements, and bug fixes that can be located on the CI server. You can use them with caution as they may contain critical bugs. 

It provides a full user guide manual about how to setup quasar rat. This program provides you full authority to customize its settings in your own way. 


There are so many features in the quasar rat malware software and some of them are as follows below.
  • File manager
  • Fully featured
  • Startup manager
  • Remote desktop
  • Remote shell
  • Remote execution
  • System information
  • Registry key
  • System power commands
  • Restart
  • Standby
  • Configuration
  • Fast
  • Stable
  • Come with advanced features
  • Support all kinds of browsers
  • Keylogger
  • Reverse proxy
  • password recovery
  • Common browser
  • FTP clients
  • Unicode support
  • Multiple languages
  • Spreader
  • Customizable
  • Many more.

How To Use?

Many people don't know how to use quasar rat for windows software. It is very simple and easy to use that tool. You are able to do your work professionally by using this software.

By using this application you will get the opportunity to grab all the information from your victims. This impressive software provides you with whole reports of listeners available. You can watch its full practical video tutorial below.

Quasar Rat Tutorial

Download Requirements

These are two mandatory software. If you face any kind of error during quasar rat crack software installations then download and install these softwares to solve your error and for smooth use.

quasar rat download

1. Microsoft Netframework 3.5 or 4.6.1 ( Download Here 3.5 ) ( Download Here 4.6.1 )

System Compatibility

It is properly tested on all windows operating systems. Quasar Rat v1.4.1 software can work perfectly on all windows operating systems after fulfilling their requirements.
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10 ( Recommended System )
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7

How To Install In Windows?

1. First of all Turn Off your antivirus
2. Download and extract the zip file
3. Now unzip it
4. Turn off windows defender's real-time protection
5. Run Quasar Rat v1.4.1 Crack.exe
6. Enjoy.

Crack Quasar Rat Download Latest Version

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I hope you like this article and I am sure you have successfully Download Quasar Rat v1.4.1 Crack Software.

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